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Devon Downs to Discuss PRD RAGAGEP

November 15, 2022

Partner Devon Downs will be the keynote speaker at ioMosaic’s 17th Annual Global Software Users Group Meeting on January 30 and 31, 2023. Downs will discuss the legal issues associated with pressure relief devices (PRD) in the context of recognized and generally accepted engineering practices (RAGAGEP). Her presentation also will discuss recent OSHA and EPA enforcement trends and offer practical advice on managing agency inspections of PRD RAGAGEP compliance.

Downs is a Chambers-ranked workplace safety attorney who frequently advises clients in connection with PRD RAGAGEP and the response to agency investigations into these issues. Appropriately managing PRD compliance and enforcement is among the most technically challenging areas of process safety. Relying on experienced and knowledgeable technical and legal experts is essential. According to Downs, “The issues are complex and highly nuanced. I am honored to have been asked by ioMosaic to share my insights.”

ioMosaic is a leading international provider of integrated process safety and risk management solutions to oil, gas and petrochemical companies worldwide. Past keynote speakers at the ioMosaic conference have included representatives from OSHA and CSB Board members.

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